Optima Steamer™ Models

Optima Steamers™ manufactures quality, user-friendly equipment for all steam cleaning applications. Whether you need cleaning equipment for auto-detailing, facility management, or other commercial uses, we carry the most popular Optima steam cleaners on the market. You’ll find electric- and diesel-powered steam cleaners with models specifically designed for indoor or outdoor applications.

It’s important to regularly sanitize your business’s common areas, so we recommend using the best steam cleaning equipment to get the job done right. Browse our Optima Steamer™ selection and stop by and see us to choose the right machine for your commercial needs. At Hotsy of Western Montana, we’re here to help you find the most effective cleaning equipment for your facility.

*NEW* Optima XD & XE Models

The newest, most user-friendly Optima Steamers feature a redesigned, easy-access chassis, LCD info display, larger tanks and easy-to-spot stop button.

*NEW* Optima Steamer™ XD

Our newest diesel-powered steamer, the XD is ideal for mobile applications such as auto detailing, recreational equipment or sculpture cleaning and disaster recovery.

*NEW* Optima Steamer™ XE

The XE is our newest electric-powered steamer designed for use wherever hardwired power is available. Perfect for commercial facilities cleaning, nursing home or daycare center sanitization and cleanroom maintenance.

DMF & EST Models

The “Original Optima Steamer” features sturdy wheels, an efficient steam vessel, a large onboard water tank, long hoses and a selection of chassis colors.

Optima Steamer™ DMF

The classic DMF is a diesel-powered mobile solution perfect for jobs such as vehicle washing and detailing, solar panel cleaning and graffiti, gum or weed removal.

Optima Steamer™ EST

Designed for situations where hardwired power is available, the electric-powered EST is well suited for commercial and facilities cleaning, paint or coating pre-treatment and hospital fixtures and mobility aid sanitization.

SE-II Model

The newly redesigned Optima Steamer features commercial grade stainless steel, a user-friendly LCD screen and three steam outlets.

*NEW* Optima Steamer™ SE-II

Created for indoor use, the solely electrical-powered SE-II is the ideal solution for cleaning and sanitization of industrial kitchens, wineries or breweries and medical facilities with steam.