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   Hotsy of Western Montana is now selling Cantherm portable #1 diesel heaters! Come see the inventory at our store in Missoula, Montana. Indirect heated air and radiant heaters are available now!

   These work great for masonry, green houses, mobile mechanics, heating shops, plumbing, framing, electrical, and farm & ranch. All you need is a 110v outlet and these are good to go.  These could be mounted on a jobsite trailer and just run ducting into the house.

Models we try to keep in stock are,

 EC100 (112,000 BTU)

EC200 (204,000 BTU)

Fire 115 (115,000 BTU) Radiant

Fire 155 (154,000 BTU) Radiant


         *Thermostat on long cord

         *Tube ducting in 20ft lengths

         *Tube heaters with stack can be vented outside to keep exhaust fumes down.

We will gladly order any of there bigger or smaller ones on there website! Commercial portable diesel heaters/Space Heaters/Radiant Heaters

If you have any questions call or text 406-499-5447

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