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Hotsy Detergents

Hotsy of Western Montana offers a complete line of biodegradable pressure washer detergents at cost-effective prices. Each is specially formulated for use with hot-water pressure washers and cold-water pressure washers. Hotsy of Western Montana can show you ways to save time and money. We are learning more every day how to get the right PH and mixture to make your washing a success!

High-quality Hotsy detergents, soaps, and cleaners extend the life of your equipment. With advanced-formula Hotsy Continuous Clean (HCC) additives, you’ll feel confident knowing that your pressure washing cleaning products are working to prevent hard water and soap build-up and fight corrosion in your equipment. HCC also contains rust and corrosion inhibitors to protect the metal surfaces being washed.

Not sure which Hotsy detergent is best for what you’re cleaning?

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Hotsy of Western Montana also stocks Cuda parts washer detergents, soaps, and additives.  We stock a few parts and can get what you need for your parts washers quickly.

We are excited about a product we stock that recently received its EPA rating.  VITAL OXIDE is an amazing product with so many solutions.   A disinfectant cleaner, mold killer, and super effective odor eliminator,  VitalOxide is the product for nearly everyone.  Staph, Streph, and Ecoli are no match for VITAL OXIDE, which is safe for schools, public places, farms, and food processors. VITAL OXIDE is odorless and eliminates odors—it doesn’t just cover them up with another!!  No mixing required—just apply and you’ll have no leftover residue to clean up!!  Come in today to sample this great product.

We have a pressure washer detergent, soap, or cleaner for every application. Call us today to create a solution for your cleaning needs.