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Hotsy Industrial Pressure Washers


Western Montana’s Best Choice

 If you’re looking for a rugged, dependable industrial pressure washer system, Hotsy is a clear choice. Unlike equipment found in big box retail stores, Hotsy is designed for commercial industrial use and is backed by an excellent warranty. Many of our customers use their Hotsy machines for several hours a day!! That’s what we do best, so trust your cleaning needs to us. Our maintenance agreements can keep your machine in top efficiency for many years of hassle-free use. Plus, when you buy a Hotsy industrial pressure washer, you gain access to our extensive product and application knowledge!!

We’ll help you find the best model to meet your needs. Hotsy’s industrial pressure washing machines are available in hot-water or cold-water models. With high pressure and/or high-volume models, we will make your cleaning tasks easy and enjoyable!! Hot water washers will clean grease and oil, while cold water pressure washers are typically smaller in size, and more economical. There are over 100 models in our line—from stationary to portable washers, electric, natural gas, propane, or #1 diesel fired. We’ll help you find the best model to wash whatever you’re cleaning.

Why buy a pressure washer from Hotsy of Western Montana?

  • Hotsy industrial pressure washers are equipped with the best warranties in the industry—seven years on the pump and five years on the heating coil
  • Hotsy pressure washers are ETL certified, passing rigid safety tests
  • We have a large parts inventory of genuine Hotsy parts
  • We are factory trained for service and repair
  • We can pair the perfect detergent for your application
  • We offer optional accessories to speed cleaning
  • You enter a relationship with Hotsy of Western Montana’s owners that we don’t take lightly!
  • You get prompt service, and we really make sure you have the best for your needs!

Hotsy Detergents

You don’t wash your hands without soap, so why wash your heavy equipment without soap either? Hosty detergents are designed specifically for use with your Hotsy industrial pressure washer and are formulated for specific applications, such as aluminum brightening, degreasing, and all-purpose cleaning.